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YouGov prioritise employee financial wellbeing and launch with Cushon

YouGov prioritise employee financial wellbeing and launch with Cushon  alt

YouGov is an international research data and analytics group with one of the world’s largest research networks. They have partnered with Cushon as their workplace savings provider to expand upon their existing financial benefits package and help their employees become more financially resilient. 

YouGov employees will benefit from an inclusive range of saving options from Individual Savings Account (ISA) and Lifetime ISA (LISA) to Junior ISA (JISA) and a General Investment Account (GIA). This partnership allows employees to make contributions through payroll from as little as £10 a month, making the process of saving and investing easy and accessible for everyone. 

Employees will have full flexibility to change their level of contribution at any time via Cushon’s app, that will take them on a simple, interactive journey to save, set targets and keep track of their money as it grows. 

Employees can also select CushonMix, risk-based ready-made portfolios that use Cushon’s unique algorithm to spread investments across a range of funds with the best projected outcome.  

Ben Pollard, CEO and Founder of Cushon said: “We’re excited to partner with our latest client, YouGov as their workplace savings provider. Our use of technology makes ISAs simpler and more convenient and helps to promote greater financial wellbeing to their employees. Welcome onboard!” 

Josephina Smith, Global People Director of YouGov said: “Providing our employees with Cushon’s workplace saving platform means we can supply a range of tools to connect with employees at every level and further support them in all aspects of their financial resilience. We’re proud to be offering workplace savings as an employee benefit.”