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What is a Junior ISA?

A Junior ISA (JISA) is a long-term, tax-free savings account that lets you save and invest on behalf of a child under the age of 18.

How much can I save tax-free?

The savings limit for a Junior ISA is £{{currentJuniorIsaAllowance}} for the {{currentTaxYear}} tax year.

How does it work?

A child’s parent or guardians with parental responsibility must open the Junior ISA account on their behalf but anyone can pay money into the Junior ISA account once it has been opened. Once a child reaches 16, you can transfer ownership of the Junior ISA to them, but they’ll be unable to access the account until they’re 18.

What are the benefits of a JISA?

Once a JISA has been open, anyone can pay money into the JISA on behalf of the child. That means family and friends will never be lost for a birthday or Christmas present idea!

Anything else I need to know?

Money in a Junior ISA belongs to the child and can’t be withdrawn from the account until they’re 18 at which point it automatically converts into an ISA. Your child can have 1 cash Junior ISA and 1 Investment (or stocks and shares) Junior ISA, as long as money saved into the two accounts within the tax year doesn’t exceed the £{{currentJuniorIsaAllowance}} allowance. You can transfer a Child Trust Fund into a Junior ISA.