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What is the default investment option?

The Cushon Flexible Retirement Strategy is our default investment option. Unless you choose a different investment option, this is how we will manage your money for you. 

How does it work? 

We initially invest your money in the Cushon Growth fund which aims to grow your money over the longer term. When you are within 10 years of retirement, we automatically start to move your pension pot into the Cushon Retirement Fund which is less risky. 

Once you reach retirement, your whole pension pot will be invested in the Cushon Retirement Fund. The graph below shows you how we start to move your pension pot as you get closer to retirement. 

This graph shows how we start to move a pension pot between our funds as one gets closer to retirement

Looking after your money and the planet with Net Zero

When you are invested in either the Cushon Growth Fund or the Cushon Retirement Fund, you can rest assured knowing that we’re not only looking after your retirement, but we’re also tackling climate change.

Remember investment values can go down as well as up.