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Fair and transparent charges

The cost of investing via Cushon is typically around {{typicalTotalCharge}}% per annum{{additionalWorkplaceDiscountText}}.

The charges you pay are made up of two parts: the {{ourName}} platform charge of {{platformChargeAfterDiscount}}%, plus a fund manager charge. The fund manager charges for our CushonMix ready-made portfolios are typically between {{typicalFundChargeLow}}% and {{typicalFundChargeHigh}}%.

A full breakdown of our charges

Here's an example of the charges for an undefined pot invested in our CushonMix medium risk/return portfolio.

All charges are shown as a percentage of your investment value and are collected monthly directly from your investment. There are no other charges. That means no minimum charge, no fixed monthly charge, no switching or trading charges, no performance fees, etc.

If you choose to hold cash then our platform charge does not apply. There is never any charge for holding cash within any of our pots.

The fund managers' charges apply on a fund-by-fund basis. The total shown here is based on the initial proportion invested in each fund. Fund managers also incur their own costs of trading which are passed on at cost: