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Or if you're completely new to investing you might like our simple 1, 2, 3 guide...

Select top-rated Ethical CushonMix

A simple way to invest ethically

  • Ready-made ethical portfolios
  • Funds meet ethical investment criteria
  • Spread your money across a range of ethical funds
  • Understand the risk/return trade-off

Select top-rated CushonMix

Just choose a risk/return level

  • Simplest way to choose
  • Top-rated from comparison tables
  • Understand the risk/return trade-off
  • Spreads your money across a range of funds

Full comparison tables

Our full range from over 90 managers

  • Good for experienced investors
  • Based on our impartial algorithms
  • Projections for over 1000 funds
  • Search for funds or sectors or build your own portfolio

This is the test environment that we use with our corporate clients to make sure everything works.

If you're not expecting to be here then you've probably been given the wrong link. Please email us at help@cushon.co.uk to let us know, and tell us how you got here.

Any accounts set up here are for testing purposes only and no real money will change hands. By proceeding you confirm that you understand this.